Language and IT activitites, European fair, Guided tour through Kempten

We arrived at the BFZ center and the directors of the project gave a warm welcome and started to explain the activities we would be participating in later on in the week. 

They also gave us the Erasmus Kempten programme and we started with Speed Dating to meet each other, the focus of this activity was to meet everyone from all the different nationalities and gets to know them. 

Afterwards we walked in the rain to the Skyline for lunch and was the first time we visited this restaurant and saw the views of Kempten town.

We returned back to the BFZ for a lesson in German for beginners and waited for the Irish and Dutch groups to arrive. 

Questions preparation

At 18:30 we started to prepare and organize the European Fair with foods from each countries such as Spain, Ireland, Holland, Italy, France and Germany. Also we experienced a traditional Bavarian dance and introduced us to some of their culture. 

We enjoyed the meal and partook in the activities and danced to the music whilst getting to know everyone

We arrived at BFZ at 10:00. We had Information Technology were we finished writing up the summaries of the week for translation into other languages. During this time we were split into groups of 6 to go to Silvia’s office to view the video of Toledo on the Erasmus website as it was not available to view in the IT room.

At 12:00 we left BFZ to go for lunch in the Big Box Hotel, Kempten for 12:30. The lunch was a choice of salad, fish and chips or a baked potato with sour cream, we also had lemon crème brulee for dessert.  After lunch we had some free time to explore Kempten, some of the group done some shopping and others took the time to relax and have a coffee. We met back at BFZ to get ready for the guided tour through Kempten at 15:00. The guided tour was given by Mrs. Davidson and Mrs. Ehrlenspiel.  After the tour we had free time to refresh ourselves before dinner.

At 19:00 we attended our final dinner in the Skyline restaurant were all the host families were invited to attend the dinner with us. The dinner was a buffet. After dinner we said our final goodbyes to all the different nationalities.


At approximately 22:00, everyone departed the restaurant with their host families.