How to set up a business in France




If you want to create a business in France, it depends if you are unemployed or already in a position.


1) If you are unemployed :

You have to be registered in POLE EMPLOI (employment agency)  (that means your file is already completed and taken care of by a counsellor)


Once you have an idea of business you organize an appointment with your own counsellor or directly with the counsellor in charge of business creation or takeover.

Then he/she can help and advise you about the agencies to question to start a business :

- BGE (Bureau de Gestion des Entreprises)

- URSSAF (Union des Recouvrements de Sécurité Sociale et d’Allocations Familiales) 

(this link can help you to understand how the French administration works)

- CCI (Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie)

- Chambre des métiers (craft industry)

- Chambre d’Agriculture (farm chamber)


2) If you already have a job

No need to contact POLE EMPLOI. You can directly go to BGE and contact a counsellor to present your project. They will guide and advise you on the process to follow to start your business, for example they can help you make a study market.

Depending on the activity you are about to create you follow the same process as given above. Then you will have to fill in a file and give it to the relevant administration. 


3) Whether you are employed or not 

There is a type of business you can start : it is called being “self employed” (auto-entrepreneur). 

In other words you can currently earn a fixed salary but be willing to develop a business on your own : it can be an additional activity or the opportunity for you to test your project and see if it is worth resigning  

Being a self employed person means having to follow specific administrative and financial rules and to get more information go to


Whatever your status, if you are a woman you can contact the association dedicated to women 

K’elles Energies which can provide you with help and support.