Visit to the textile restorer

Country FRANCE
Date 16th April 2018

Visit to the textile restorer 

Place visited Centre regional de restauration de conservation des oeuvres d’art de Vesoul   
Nature of the activity

Restoration and conservation of fine arts


Valérie MARCELLI – Textile restorer 



A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

She started in 1996 as a restorer. Valerie works with textiles, tapestries, carpets, military flags, old clothes, artifacts for churches, puppets or any other historic or artistic works that people want to preserve or restore:

Valerie showed us a silk flag that she is currently working on. The flag was painted in 1790, it relates to the “Prise de la Bastille” in the French Revolution. It is located in a village in Burgundy, it is considered as a national treasure in that village. She hopes to work on the flatness, the colour and the texture and possibily frame it, and explained to us all the techniques she will use to restore it. She also showed us a book she was working on that depicts Catherine the Great of Russia.

Meaningful quotations :

“My intention is not to become a millionaire”

Interest related to business creation :

She said that being a textile restorer is not a common job, she had no help from the government and it is sometimes difficult . She had an assistant in the past but now she works alone, sometimes she has a heavy workload and sometimes it is very quiet as there is no work.

Personal opinion :

We did not know what a textile restorer was, and we did not know what to expect. Valérie uses her hands, she feels you need to have the sense of feeling what you are touching, in order to discover the piece you are working on, because when you are restoring you have to make the piece as authentic as possible.