Presentation by different organizations

Country FRANCE
Date 17th April 2018

Presentation by different organizations 

Place visited Presentations made at school in the morning
Nature of the activity

Presentations : Chamber of Agriculture; BGE; K’Elles Energies 


Martin for Chamber of Agriculture; Lydie Tisserand for BGE; Dominique Bruot for K’Elles Energies



A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

People from both government and non government organizations presented us their work, which is providing people willing to start a business activity with help, information, training, technical and logistical support, and network opportunities.

Meaningful quotations :

“The range of projects is from 2 chickens to 300 cows” (Martin); “Local presence; regional impact” (Lydie); “Network for women only, who are either in their own business or are opening one, to share their experiences” (Dominique)

Interest related to business creation :

Look for both governmental and non-governmental structures which can help you, in defining the idea, organising the project, looking for financial support, developing and strengthening your business; networking with other people on the same idea.

Personal opinion :

It was interesting to listen to the support that young entrepreneurs received from both the public and the private sectors, also compared to other countries.