Visit to Velleminfroy mineral water plant

Country FRANCE
Date 17th April 2018

Visit to Velleminfroy mineral water plant

Place visited

Velleminfroy mineral water plant in the afternoon.

Nature of the activity

Velleminfroy mineral water production, attached restaurant and museum


Paul Poulaillon



A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

Velleminfroy is a little village in Haute-Saone; known as “water country”, in luxuriant forest, charming fauna and flora, it is enriched by a pretty river, called “La Colombine”. Last century, quite by chance, the great properties of the water were discovered, and industrial use of the source was started. Not far from the factory, takes place also a restaurant and a museum, property of Velleminfroy.

Meaningful quotations :

“Proof that nature is good for you” (Paul Poulaillon)

Interest related to business creation :

With creativity and style (very charming bottles!), also marketing a necessary product such as water may become an income generating activity with falls on all the community.

Personal opinion :

Velleminfroy is an interesting experience of sustainable use of natural resources compatible with the environment and the local community, in the effort to maximise employment in the area and promote health properties of a unique product at the same time.