Business incubator

Country FRANCE
Date 18th April 2018

Business incubator (Pépinières BGE)

Place visited

Pépinières BGE, Besançon

Nature of the activity

Guided tour


Introduction by André, tour by Lydie


A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

In his brief introduction, André mentioned that BGE was founded in 1981. At its Besançon premises, 30 different companies are located. André then passed on to Lydie who led us through the “business incubator” as she called it. In such an incubator, people can rent space for 23 months at a low rent. If successful, the companies can then progress to a so-called business hotel. We saw offices and production sites, for example: Cabinet Cartier, an insurance consulting firm; L’atelier Déco, an interior decorator and coach; ACSE, a producer of percussion instruments and many more. The tour ended at Cuisine mode d’emploi where we had our lunch.

Meaningful quotations :

“Our job is much broader – we do not only provide space to newly founded companies; we also give technical and financial advice to them”

Interest related to business creation :

Incubators such as BGE are a good chance for young entrepreneurs to make their first steps on their way to a successful future

Personal opinion :

If I were starting my own business in France, I certainly would contact BGE for their helping advice.