Visit to “La Ferme de They”

Country FRANCE
Date 18th April 2018

Visit to “La Ferme de They”

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A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

Michel introduced us to his organic and ecological farm which is the largest in the region. He has been running it for 22 years. He breeds about 400 pigs a year, 150 cows, chicken as well as bees. The animals are all kept in a traditional and free environment so that they can leave their sheds and move out to the fields whenever they want. Michel also showed us the robotic system where 2000 litres of milk are produced per day. Above all, Michel is proud of his bio-gas plant which produces 150 kW/h. In addition, he runs a bed-and-breakfast with room for 24 people, including a chlorine-free swimming pool, not to mention a fishing pond, a small camping site and a greenhouse for vegetables. Michel runs the farm together with his wife, his two sons and 6 employees.

Meaningful quotations :

My animals enjoy “une liberté absolue” meaning “absolute freedom”

Interest related to business creation :

Given the fact that the farm had originally been given up by his ancestors in 1922, it is really impressive to see what can be achieved from scratch by hard work, enthusiasm and determination.

Personal opinion :

Michel’s farm is a worthwhile seeing and using as an example for successful and diverse farming.