Circus school

Country FRANCE
Date 19th April 2018

Circus school

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Circus school activities


Claire and Alex



A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

Claire and Alex opened the circus school in 2015 in Scey-Sur-Saône, the birth place of Claire. They had some support from the community to find a location for their circus, but no financial support, although the site is rent free. They only pay for water and electricity. Claire’s husband is a trapeze artist, one of the third generation circus artists of his family. 

The school has over 60 students, children and adults ranging from the age of 3-68 years old. The first year that the circus school was active, they had few students because most people think that ‘the circus’ is for children only.  

The circus is open two afternoons a week. On Wednesday and Saturday afternoon they give lessons to children and Saturday evening to adults. However, adults are free to visit the circus school outside the class hours. Besides the classes where people learn juggling, clown performance, trapeze etc., the school also offers the following activities:

- External shows

- School performances

- Children’s entertainment

People working in the circus usually retire around the age of 40 and change career. This is comparable with top sport.

Costs per year:

- Children: 260 euro

- Adults: 500 euro


Meaningful quotations :

“People come to our school for different reasons. There is one boy with a disability that opened up a lot because of the circus classes. He is more talkative and enjoys himself a lot!”


Interest related to business creation :

To provide fun and entertainment in a rural area.


Personal opinion :

Great initiative / business. Interesting to try some circus activities. For some of us it was the first time and they discovered new talents ;) Good that children and adults can have fun in a sportive way.