“Echo System” and “La Ressourcerie”

Country FRANCE
Date 19th April 2018

“Echo System” and “La Ressourcerie” 

Place visited


Nature of the activity

Company visit


Lucy (La Ressourcerie), Maxime and Sandrine (Echo System)





A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

La Ressourcerie

Lucy, one of the 8 paid employees of La Ressourcerie, gave us a summary of the core business of the place, which is “Selling second hand items”. They reduce waste, reuse items and recycle materials that are not being sold or are not usable. Apart from the paid employees they have 20 volunteers who mostly work part time and the centre is open two afternoons a week. La Ressourcerie gets all the items for free and they aim to sell the items as cheap as possible to encourage buyers. 

Echo System

Echo System is a concert hall established 20 years ago in a rented old mill. 10 years later they moved to an old factory that they bought together with La Ressourcerie to share the premises. The main goal of Echo System is to provide entertainment for the local community with the aim to keep young people in Scey-Sur-Saône. Echo System offers a variation of bands with different music styles (non-classical). Throughout the year they book different bands; a few well known bands from France but mostly budding artists from the local area. The bands attract about 6000 visitors a year. However their main event is their annual summer festival (5000 visitors).

Echo System receives some funding, but they rely on ticket sale as well. They participate in nice school- and social projects (prison inmates etc.). They have a few paid employees but they mainly rely on volunteers.


Meaningful quotations :

“They make the rural area more vibrant for (young) people with their diverse music events”  

“They give local bands the opportunity to perform”


Interest related to business creation :

Challenging business concept.


Personal opinion :

Great initiative to keep the young people in the rural area. It is important to have cultural and social activities!