Country FRANCE
Date 20th April 2018

Justiniana - children's voices

Place visited

Theatre edwige Feuillere, Vesoul

Nature of the activity

Observing rehearsal of “Children’s Voices” 


Scott Alan Prouty – American Conductor.



A detailed summary of the visit for the website :

We went to the theatre to watch 70 – 80  children rehearse for an event that will held in two weeks.  It encompasses the music of Jim Papoulis, an American Composer who wrote music in conjunction with children from deprived backgrounds.  The American Conductor, Scott Alan Prouty, who specialises in children’s voices, has been living in Paris since 1986.  We watched the children sing, dance and massage/warm up for each other during their rehearsal performance.  The children come to Wednesday workshops + one weekend per month + one week during February holidays and Easter holidays to practice. This is free for the children, from age 8 to 18 but there is a commitment to attend all rehearsals and for each child buy a ticket and attend Vesoul theatre with their parents four times per year.  There are 50 children from Vesoul and as many from choirs from Besancon.  They try to limit to 80 children but sometimes there are up to 100. They sometimes have performances with up to 350 children’s voices!”


Meaningful quotations :

 “Bringing children to stage and make them interested in culture and in languages at the same time (they sing in Spanish, English,… as well as in their own language), can also bring their parents to culture“ 


Interest related to business creation :

They are recognised by the Minister of Culture as only theatre in France for children’s voices.  They are funded by the government. 


Personal opinion :

It was very enjoyable to see young children perform with such enthusiasm and to see the different ages combined.  This is a wonderful privilege for the children of Vesoul and Besancon to work with Scott Alan Prouty.