Neuschwanstein Castle, Suspension bridget, Carpenter/sledge builder

Part One

We met in the bfz at 9,00am. From there we took a bus to the King’s Castle Neuschwanstein which took approximately 1 hour. We arrived to the King’s Castle before 10,30am, and then we had time to enjoy the scenery for a while before we headed up to the Castle. Some people walked to the Castle and others took a horse and cart. When we arrived at the Castle we had time to take pictures and experience the views. From there we entered the castle; we were split into two groups;

1. English – Speaking tour guide

2. German – Speaking tour guide.

In the King’s Castle we saw beautifully decorated walls, statues, furniture and pictures. We went through each room and the tour guide gave us a brief description and meaning of each room. The tour guide informed us that the Castle was built in the late 1800’s by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. After the tour we walked down and enjoyed the lake views.

Part 2

We went on the bus to the suspension bridge Reutte, were we all had a picnic before we set off on our adventure. We all took a 20 minute walk to the suspension bridge avoiding all the trolls and witches. We walked over the bridge and we took pictures and enjoyed the views, from there we walked back over to the other side. There was a castle ruin where some people walked up to and took some pictures. Then we walked back down and went on the bus.


By: Niamh Daly

      Denise Byrne

      Nathan Lavin.