Entreprises visited

Wednesday Day 3 – English Translation by Irish Group


We developed questions in international groups to ask the entrepreneurs later in the day. We then left to visit Bayern Munich fan shop and Adele Bergzauber, her they explained their business and we asked the prepared questions. Afterwards we explored the weekly local market in Kempton.


After lunch we travelled a short while to the Allgau Distillery. We were given a short presentation on the process and their products which included Fruit Brandy, Liqueur’s, Liquor and Spirits. He talked us through the process of production of different alcohol and how they are packaged.

We were invited to sample the products and explore the shop. 



In the evening we travelled to Zulzberg to visit the Algauer Burgenmuseum. We were given a tour by Roger who explained his relationship with the castle. In 1959 he first visited the ruin and fell in love with it. In 1985 he returned to the castle and discovered it had sadly deteriorated, so he set up a foundation with seven people and applied for funding. Over the years he received various amounts of funding for the restorations. Today it is open as a museum and for private functions.

 Authors : Tara O’Sullivan - Mairead Hutchinson - Kim Woodroofe



Once we arrived to PuraNatura we were greeted by the manager of the kitchen who gave us a detailed tour of the premises including the shop floor, storage rooms, laboratory, labelling department, staff canteen and sterilisation areas. 

She also told us how the PuraNatura shop is closely linked to the BahnhofApotheke, which is the pharmaceutical aspect of the company and the main reason why that the owner decided to branch out in to an all natural supermarket.


We then arrived at the Carpenter/Sledge-builders Company; he demonstrated, step by step, the process how to build a sledge with the use of materials and machinery. We had the opportunity to ask questions about his products. The tour was approximately a half hour long. We went back on the bus to Kempton.

We arrived back to Kempton approximately 6,30pm to the Big Box Hotel were we had dinner, on the menu there was Gazpacho for starters and a choice of Courgette and Rice or Goulash and Tagliatele for main course, for dessert there was frozen yoghurt with mixed berries on the menu. At around 9,00pm people left with their host families.