3 testimonies in COMETA



We went to visit the Cometa centre which supports new enterprises ; the first speaker explained to us that the facility offers space and administrative assistances to new business. This can include meeting rooms, catering, event management and access trade fairs.

We were introduced to a previous client of the centre, Michael Piesbergen. He had developed his graphic design company within the Cometa facility. He was very successful and due to this he expanded to new premises.

Monday 18th April 2016 - Day 2 Part Two

Hetronik is a company currently supported by Cometa that produces products by electronically heating raw materials for international companies such as BMW. They export to various countries with Italy being the most important prominent. We got a tour of the facility and observed the workers engaging in their activities.

Following the tour we met with Roland Hötzl, who owned his own software based company. It was established in 2000 with his three college colleagues. The company’s main objective was to develop logistic based software, liaisinghaulers and shippers to distribute their goods. They received initial funding of €500,000. They have offices worldwide such as Philadelphia, Spain and Poland. He is now a shareholder and is currently supporting new startup companies financially and offering advice.