How to set up a business + Organic farm visit

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Spanish team

Country Spain
Date 24th October
Title Business Presentations and visit to the Ecology Centre and Farm
Place visited 

Kwetb Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board.

Nature of the activity Presentation

Today we have attended some interesting presentations from three successful business people.

The first of them was Diane Armstrong who, apart from being a successful business woman, she is the president of the Chamber of Commerce in Wicklow. She has told us her work experience since she started to work from her early youth. She is running her own business and her husband is running his. 

She is a supplier of blinds but she doesn’t sell her products online. She likes doing her business in a traditional way. 

As president of the Chamber of Commerce, she has described some of the goals of this institution such as and the most important, supporting business, getting money to help them and promoting business awards. 

Riona Long, is a business woman with passion for children that is running her own childcare service business. She had given us a wide view on the educational framework in Ireland, the qualifications needed for working in this sector and employment opportunities regarding childcare in Ireland. 

As well, she has shared with us her own experience in being self-employed and how she has set up her business including all the aspects of it - funding to stablish it, obstacles and help she found when she started 13 years ago.

Paul Smith, a cook with his heart in the kitchen runs The Mystic Celt Restaurant, here, in Wicklow, the restaurant was founded when he came back from N.Y. 

He is an international and famous chef who have had several businesses in London, France, Germany and N.Y. Apart from running his restaurant, he teaches in schools and prisons. One of his principal achievements is that 60% of his pupils prisoners find a job after they attend his lessons. 

He is awarded of the importance of the social media and the relevance of recycling, reducing and re-using.

During the afternoon we have gone to An Tairseach, which means “Threshold”, located in the coastal town of Wicklow, is a Centre for Ecology and Spirituality. Surrounded by spacious grounds, the Centre also has its own organic farm shop. The 70-acre Organic Farm are dedicated to conservation and are suitable for field studies.

This evening we are planning a nice visit to the important Wicklow Gaol.

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