Glendalough (Celtic site), sheperd's dogs and Wicklow brewery

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Italian Team

Country Italy
Date 26th October
Title Visit at Glendalough, sheepdogs and beer tasting
Place visited  Glendalough, Annamoe and Redcross in Wicklow
Nature of the activity Presentation


On Thursday we went to Glendalough, located in the Wicklow Mountains National Park. Glendalough has many natural attractions which entertain upwards of a million visitors every year.

Once there we saw a short movie that explained to us the history of Ireland and the story of some saints such as St.Patrick and St.Kevin.

After the short movie, a guide gave us a talk on Irish culture (language , dances and songs) and that in the fifth century St.Kevin moved to Glendalough. He was compared to St.Francis of Assisi.

She told us that the place was so important in the old days because there were no cities and the monasteries were like univeristy where you could learn latin and get the chance to communicate with the rest of the European continent.

Just before luch we had a walk by the larger Upper Lake. It was an amazing experience.

In the afternoon we went to see the sheepdogs in Annamoe, also located in the Wicklow Mountains, only minutes from Glendalough.

We watched the dogs doing their job and move the sheeps from one point to another in a few moments.

Those dogs, the Border collier type, are the smartest dog you can find.


The second Activity of the afternoon was the beer tasting at the Mickey Finn's pub at Wicklow Brewery where the staff told us how they made their own beer. She explained that every kind of beer is different from the other and then we tasted six different kinds of beer and After we had dinner there.

Meaningful quotation: A lazy man owns a useful dog.