Google headquarters in Dublin + Literay pubs crawl

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Dutch group

Country the Netherlands
Date 25th October
Title Visit to Dublin (Google headquarters and literay pubs)

Google employees, actors Kevin and Derek

Nature of the activity Presentation


On day three we left for Dublin at 9.30. At 11 o’clock we were allowed into the Google headquarters. The guides showed us a variety of working places and rooms such as dining areas, massages places, music rooms and gyms. This visit provides us with a good insight into the company’s vision and the culture of the organization, which is based on mutual trust and comfort for the employees. The flexibility of the working hours and the conditions is very impressive. The building consists of thirteen floors and we enjoyed the most spectacular view from the top one. The Google headquarters in Dublin is the biggest one in Europe with 5,000 employees and the company is still expanding.

After fish and chips we went into the city centre and walked around Grafton Street. Being in the city centre gave us an insight into the Irish culture and lifestyle. The beauty and the contrast of the historical buildings and the modern, luxurious shops was really impressive.


In the late afternoon we gathered in the Duke to receive an insight into Irish literature and Ireland’s famous writers. We enjoyed the outstanding performance of Derek and Kevin. They played a wonderful excerpt from Samuel Beckett’s masterpiece Waiting for Godot, and they told us, among other things, about James Joyce’s Ulysses and the life of Oscar Wilde. During the pub crawl, we visited Trinity College which was built on command of Queen Elisabeth I. All in this tour was a concise journey into Irish literary history.

Our evening ended with a beautiful meal in a lovely and cosy restaurant called Eden.

It was an inspiring day and we definitely want to come back to Dublin one day. Guess what, we will be going there again on Saturday.

Meaningful quotation : ‘There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about and that is not being talked about’ Oscar Wilde