Experiencing a touristic district


The open Erasmus group visited the city of Brescia on Wednesday the 9 th of October 2016. We gathered in the parking lot at the west side building of the school and waited for the bus. It was a 45-minute bus journey into the beautiful city. Upon entering the city, Marissa (the Italian Coordinator) took on the role as temporary tour guide and talked us through the various land marks of the city on the bus microphone. There was a large sort of tower named La Tombe de came which was dedicated to someone’s dog according to Marissa. This demonstrates the sheer wealth of some people in Brescia. Then we were told about the old over-crowded prison of Canto Bella, it was an orange tinted building with huge grey fences surrounding it. There was then a sign that read Santa Giullia, which contains ancient Roman remains that have been restored beautifully

-          The chamber of commerce in Brescia

We then arrived at the commerce building “Conf.Commercio”. There we were introduced to Carlo Masolotti, president of the foundation. We all took a seat and the talk began. Brescia is quite the tourism province, it isn’t big or as popular as Milan but that turns out to be an attraction to tourists. It doesn’t have the same energy as some of the big cities in Italy, meaning people who visit can expect the same quality of food and shops without the noise or the everyday hussle and bussle. Brescia is home to 17,000 businesses, 800 of which are restaurants and 710 hotels. It is the largest province in Italy. With the expansion of big businesses such as malls the small family owned businesses are starting to be over looked and forgotten about. With the rise of huge commercial businesses something needed to be done in order to save these humble businesses.

This is where the foundation comes into play, they help with the extra funding in order for these businesses to keep up with the expanding of the city. They help with advertising so they get the help they need. This is crucial to the city of Brescia in order to keep the culture and history of the magnificant city as some shops can be as old as 100 years old. In terms of tourism Brescia has everything apart from a coastline. It is home to two lakes and a skiing resort in the mountains located at the border of the city. It is located an hour and a half from Milan and 40 minutes from Verona. One in ten people of Brescia are first hand owners of some kind of business, this goes to show how important business is to the city and province. Exporting is also important to the people of Brescia, It is home to one of the oldest companies in the world. Iron and steel have been mined here since the start of the 7 th century. Brescia is number one for the exporting of caviar in the whole world.