Digital Hub

PDH Srl Social Enterprise is a corporate group that unites Profit to non-profit with the goal of creating social value for the area through digital innovation. The company consists of the Foundation G. A. Galignani which has been joined by some local companies (Lanfranchi S.p.A., Foundries Ariotti S.p.A. and Ravelli srl).

Also the Company Pedrali S.p.A supports the Hub, supplying free of charge the furnishings from their own production, and the Town Council of Palazzolo sull'Oglio which granted the headquarters of the Hub for free.

The main activities of PDH are training, through the courses of Palazzolo Digital Academy, the laboratory testing, using the Hublab activities, for the makers of tomorrow, the coworking to facilitate the sharing of ideas and projects. Looking ahead, we’re planning a network of digital companies operating in the field to create innovative and complex platforms.

For further information:

Giorgia Vezzoli

335 8470167

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This hub was born to create growth and employment opportunities in the digital environment, mainly for young people. The main activities are the PDH Coworking to facilitate the sharing of ideas and projects, the training through the courses organized by Palazzolo Digital Academy, experimentation in the laboratory, through activities for the makers of tomorrow.

The Digital Coworking Space :

The Digital Coworking Space is welcoming, bright and equipped with every comfort, it is the new Palazzolo Digital Hub space designed for people wishing to develop their digital activity together with other professionals, freelance, start uppers, businesses, students, hobbyists, digital nomads and anyone wishing to conduct a business in a stimulating and collaborative environment. 16 professional positions are available, each with a WiFi connection, desk, chair, light point and personal locker. There is also a photocopier, a sitting area and a large meeting room. You can also rent your own desks at Digital Coworking Space for the time you want, short or long, studying personalized packages to suit your needs.

The costs of coworking are cheap and discounts for groups are provided.

Palazzolo Digital Academy courses in 2016 : 

Palazzolo Digital Academy offers training suitable for most audiences, and different needs. The courses provided range from literacy for newcomers to digital programming courses for the more experienced, workshops to learn how to store digitally, courses on science data, design and 3D modeling and courses to learn how to be found in the hugeness of the Web.