Talent Garden

In December 2011, a young entrepreneur, Davide Datolli, co-founded the digital laboratory, “Talent Garden” (TAG) in Brescia. As part of FabLab, an international initiative for digital start-up support, TAG offers a co-working space for digital-related professionals to help them establish their businesses. TAG is a franchised company, placed in Luxembourg, Spain, Japan, Lithuania and various places in Italy, which began by gaining support from investors, journalists and other marketing companies, with the aim of bringing together brilliant, creative and passionate minds to share ideas, to collaborate and to grow their ideas within a 24/7 co-working, high-quality space.

The Social Network activities offered by TAG include get-togethers, where people swap ideas in a relaxed and calm atmosphere, and courses and workshops for students and unemployed people to share ideas for starting up their own businesses. TAG also offer design services, which help entrepreneurs to organize and promote networking events and provide other services such as help with advance booking of hotels.

Talent Garden host over 500 events each year in many different areas. These events help to promote and create businesses. An interesting aspect of TAG’s innovative services and their main event is the annual Supernova Festival, a large networking event held in the centre of Brescia. At least 35,000 people attend Supernova every year to share skills comprising, 30% Teaching/Development skills; 25% Marketing/Business skills, 15% Creative/Design ideas, 18% Media/Journalism support and 12% of CEO information and advice.

Personally we were very impressed with the facilities provided. We were also quite impressed with the amount of events that talent garden hosts through the year.