BlueCity-breeding mushrooms

Your name Katie O Reilly
Date 15-5-2017

Introduction and Tour – Breeding Mushrooms

Place visited

Oostplein – Bluecity (Swimming Pool)

Nature of the activity Company or organisation visit
Presenter Siemen Cox


The first day began with an Introduction of “Bluecity” Tropical swimming pool situated in Oostplein, Rotterdam. Our guide was Siemen Cox. This is the main base for breeding mushrooms in a former tropical swimming pool. This pool was built in 1988 and closed in 2002. It re-opened seven years ago. Changes were made to make room for the Introduction of the Blue Economy. This philosophy is to ensure that sustainability will be maintained using diverse Innovation techniques. The idea behind this is to encourage people that waste can be recycled. By sharing knowledge of this, it encourages new businesses to prosper and gives Entrepeneurs the opportunity to show their creative ideas. By informing each other of these ideas, they set up networks (Master Programme) through E Learning. The Inspiration for the “Blue Economy” is to make people adapt to this System Innovation.  By using these resources, it will hopefully reduce the risk of pollution and this seems to be a rising issue in the city of Rotterdam. Water usage and the need for this is a factor in the production of developing this enterprise. This would provide the growth of a variety of many other types of mushrooms. By introducing the recycling of waste materials for example coffee, it enhances the chance of preventing damage to the environment. This would be a possible solution in the establishment of better Infrastructure with moving forward.

Meaningful quotations

Coffee waste is a good source for using in mushroom growth. 50 – 60 kilos of coffee waste is produced a day in the city of Rotterdam.

Personal opinion

I think visiting the Tropical swimming pool in Oostplein gave me a good insight into alternative ways of using waste.