City Farm

Your name Amanda Carroll, Joe Doyle
Date 18-5-2017

My first trip to Rotterdam

Place visited

City Farm

Nature of the activity Company or organisation visit
Presenter Anouk Verharen


This company was started in 2012 with 3 entrepreneurs when they converted an old railway station into an urban farm . The location was previously a very run down area and consisted of high crime and squatters. The purpose of the farm is to show people where food comes from and how it is harvested to create more awareness. To get funding they entered a city competition which they became runners up and received plenty of support through donations and crowd funding. They have 7 different types of gardens for example berry, vegetable, herb, bee/insect, flower . They have 2 restaurants 1 on site and 1 at Rotterdam Central Station where they serve their own produce. They also sell their products in a shop on site and to other locations. They hold many events from weddings to vegetable growing courses which people can rent a plot and grow their own vegetables. They also have a showroom which they show the steps to growing plants. Children can also learn how to grow there own vegetables in a separate plot. Their most recent ventures are the introduction of the permaculture garden, pigs and soon to follow chickens.  They have a small team of paid employees and a large team of volunteers some of whom are jobseekers looking to gain experience. They have numerous partnerships with other companies  involved in water purification, solar panels and recycling of compostable products. 

Meaningful quotations

They want to re-educate people about where their food comes from and to generate more respect towards our environment as a whole.

Personal opinion

We found it to be both very enjoyable and educational. Despite it being a business it was very family friendly. There products were very tasty and reasonably priced. The whole concept really opened our eyes to what can be achieved if you set your mind to it. Anything is possible.