Groos - concept store

Your name Jacquie DONNELY & Paula DALY
Date 19-5-2017

Concept Store – Fashion, design, life style and art products

Place visited


Nature of the activity Company or organisation visit
Presenter Tjeerd Hendriks

Tjeerd spoke about his inspiration for the project.  He was driven by seeing creative people not being recoginsed or visable in the city.  He wanted to bring together artists and designers in one place.   It has been open 4 years.  It was developed by himself and his neighbour.    The location he choose was previously empty 15 years.  The principle of the venture is to allow the local artists display their work for free.  However when the artists sell their work they pay 40% back to Groos.  Groos has a staff of 10 people.  The shop displays 250 suppliers which are selected by Tjeerd personally.  In the next few weeks they are moving to a new premises in the centre of the city.  Its location will attract more high end shoppers.  It will display 100 designers who he considers to be the best  of Rotterdam.

Meaningful quotations

Tjeerd expressed his surprise that he is now running a shop as he never thought this would be his career.

Personal opinion

The group found it very interesting that someone would want to help artists promote their work without charging them rental.  It was felt that it gave a great opportunity to up and coming artists to display their work.