Your name Amanda CARROLL, Joe DOYLE
Date 18-5-2017

A visit to the Kielewerf

Place visited


Nature of the activity Company or organisation visit
Presenter Lenard Vunderink


The area was previously an abandoned ship yard with a very high crime rate. In 2014 began the new concept in the keilewerf. The idea was to give creative young people the chance to start up their own business. They can rent a flexible space at low cost. Now there are up to 80 entrepreneurs for example film makers, artists, designers, musicians, they are open to all kinds of businesses. One of the companies based in Keilewerf is Buurman which deals in recycled waste wood from many sources for example building sites. They prepare the wood for resale. You have the option to do a course and make a piece of furniture yourself or they can do it for you. Individuals, schools and external companies can rent spaces and machinery. They were founded with the aim to reduce wood waste. In January 2017 they created Bouw Akademie in a 2nd building which allows jobseekers to gain skills for social integration. Keilewerf is a creative hub for innovative people. 

Meaningful quotations

Keilewerf is where you can make everything.  

Personal opinion

We found Keilewerf to be an outstanding place and a worthwhile place for anyone thinking of starting a business to visit. The opportunities and contacts available to the entrepreneurs in this building is first class.