Kino Cinema

Your name Kevin NOLAN, Jacquie DONNELY & Paula DALY
Date 16-5-2017

Kino Cinema Visit

Place visited Kino Cinema, Gouvernestraat 133
Nature of the activity Company or organisation visit
Presenter Mr Jan de Vries


Built in 1908, opened in 1909, it was a communal centre and has been rebuilt four times due to the Rotterdam bombings. It is considered to be a postmodern building and has been expanded over the years, including out into the back garden. There are four cinema theatres in total, the largest holds 210 people. The cinema would be considered to be boutique, with many unique characteristics including an open lantern style roof and some of the carpets on the floor take inspiration from various movies such as the “Shining” and “Twin Peaks”. There is also a bar serving food and drink on site, which also takes its inspiration from different movies such as New York style signatures dishes based on “Goodfellas”. Jan mentioned the focus would be to create a unique experience not just based on attending the cinema, but also based on the patrons experience of food, drink, music and atmosphere. The cinema employees (including 35 volunteers) take pride in their work and incorporate an introduction into the films, explaining what they like about a particular movie. The cinema not only caters for movies, but also facilitates private conferences and in the past famous bands such as Sex Pistols and U2 have played there.

Meaningful quotations

“It’s all about context and let them have an experience beyond sitting in the room”. “Not only the film but an idea”. “The window in the ceiling, is a window to the world” “We are not subsidized at all” 

Personal opinion

The guest speaker was extremely enthusiastic, well spoken and entertaining. We are extremely grateful that he was able to facilitate us.