Labour market in Rotterdam

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Date 15-5-2017

The labour market in Rotterdam

Place visited At the university
Nature of the activity Lecture
Presenter Theo VAN DE VELDE, Chamber of Commerce

First of all the speaker talked about the history of the city. He mentioned it was founded in 1351 and for many years it has been one of the most important harbor receiving the name of ”The gate of Europe”. He highlighted the importance of the harbour for the economy of the city.  Next he spoke about the structure of business in the Netherlands, emphasising entrepreneurship  giving information on the advantages of being an entrepreneur in Rotterdam.  He told us that the Chamber of Commerce is part of the Department of Economics. To operate a business one needs to register with the Chamber of Commerce for a fee of 50 euros. Finally he gave us some advice on the cultural aspect of Dutch people, who are open-minded, flexible, just answer in a direct way, have no problem in saying no, are mean but generous when it comes to charities. He believes the characteristics of being a good entrepreneur are flexibility and good with uncertainties. Additionally encouraging new growth in business and seeing no limits, just opportunities. Furthermore, in order to start a business one must be a resident of the Netherlands. In conclusion he showed ”YouTube” videos to portray the city of Rotterdam.                                                                                                                              

Meaningful quotations

“No glitter or glamour, blunt and straight to the point”. 

Personal opinion

I found the speaker to be knowledgeable and knew his audience so could explain everything clearly to the group in an interesting and fun manner. It was a good way to start our stay in Rotterdam because we had a chance to learn about the city.