Fenix Food Factory

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Date 17-5-2017

Visit at the Fenix Food Factory

Place visited Fenix Food Factory , Veerlaan 19D
Nature of the activity Company or organisation visit
Presenter Tom van der Avoort, Mareike, Jonas





With the watertaxi we drove from the north of Rotterdam to the Hotel New York in the south. From there we crossed the Rijnhavenbrug to the Fenix Food Factory in the region called Katendrechts. The Fenix Food Factory is an old warehouse which displays various things like art. For example Fenix Food Factory is written in big letters of wooden slats. Tom, an organizer of this factory, told us that there are about ten companies who cooperate with each other and they produce all direct. This means from the farmer to the customer. Nice is, that 50 % of the profit remain to the farmers. One of the companies Booij cheese makers was presented by Mareike. She’s the second generation cheese maker. 60 % of the cheese are dutch and 20 % of these is homemade. In the next ten years they hope to reverse this trend. They have different cheese, like Gouda of course and Goatcheese. They produce 1.000 kg per week. At the moment the Booij Cheese Makers employe 8 flexible staff. Because of the success they want to expand next year and hope to employ more fulltime staff. The next company that made a presentation was the Kaapse Brouwers. John lived in London and was influenced by the small brewery industry, and in particular the production of craft beer. The different to other breweries is they brew on an old fashion and with a lot of different flavours. Every two weeks they experiment by making a new beer. They also collaborate with other breweries around the world. Some quite famous. They produce 600 litres per day but in a seperate factory. At the end we had the chance to try two of the most popular beers. It was Harrie and Karel (flavoured with grapefruit). The taste was pretty special.     

Meaningful quotations

‘’One cider a day keeps the doctor away’’, John said ‘’The most important thing is to have fun’’ and Tom said ‘’Feel free to wonder around’’ 

Personal opinion

We like that the companies come together to produce top quality products. You can eat in or take it away. It is a very nice atmosphere. The location is much more stylish and modern than in previous years, where the crime levels were much higher.