How to set up a business in the Netherlands




Do you want to start a business in the Netherlands ?

A few basic guidelines professional associations overview

1) Learn Dutch

Though most people in the Netherlands speak English and immediately start to talk English with any foreigner you have to learn Dutch. On the longer run, you have to blend in and most of administration, taxes, forms, regulations and rules are in Dutch.


2) Investigate your options and test your qualities

You want to start a business in Holland? What kind of company? What will you make or sell? Is there a market in Holland and how to approach that market?

Write a business plan


3) Make a financial plan and see if you need financing


4) Choose a name for your company and register it and also the corresponding domain name. to register at the Chamber of Commerce you need a name, check whether your name does not yet exist. Register the company name as a brand name and protect the name

To register a domain name :


5) Choose a legal form

The legal form determines, among other things, your liability, but also what taxes you have to pay and whether you receive tax benefits. Which legal form fits best with your company?


6) Ensure that your administration meets the requirements

There are probably nicer things to think of, but you are legally obliged that your administration meets the requirements. For example, you must clearly show how much VAT you have to pay or how much VAT you will receive.


7) Identify the risks of your company

Limit them as much as possible or cover them as well as possible. For example, with liability insurance and occupational disability insurance. Do not forget your pension. And with terms and conditions you immediately make clear which rights and obligations you and your customers have back and forth.


8) Check whether your company meets all requirements

There are no special diplomas for entrepreneurs. However, you must take into account that in some cases you have to have special professional diploma’s and or professional requirements. What permits do you need?

Is business premises fire safe and do you meet the environmental requirements? Check with your municipality.


9) Register your company at the Chamber of Commerce and arrange the registration with the Tax Authorities