Welcome message for Open Partners / 25-01-2016

Welcome, welkom, willkommen, bienvenue, benvenutti, bienvenidos!

Very good morning to all of you,

Welcome to Toledo, as you very well know, the city where beauty captivates all  its  visitors.  This  year  we  are  celebrating 30  years  since  it  was  declared a World  Heritage  Site  by  the  UNESCO.  So  you  are  lucky  to  experience  city  life first hand in a special year.

I  welcome  you  all  on  behalf  of  all  the  school  staff and  students,  who  make this ‘ the place to be’ . If it were not for you and them, especially Meabh – our coordinator,  Gloria,  Pilar,  Silvia,  Maika,  Encarni,  Nacho,  Maki  and  myself projects like this would not see the light.

It  is  a  great  pleasure  to  have  you  all  here  with  a  view  to  learning  how  we make   business   and   how   we   can   all   contribute   to   getting   a   European perspective of the much-loved word entrepeneurship.

We really appreciate your exchanging missions,  visions, values  and  strategies in the workplace and the work market.

We  do  hope  today  is  just  the  beginning  of  a  change,  a  change  that  will transform us all upside down and inside out.

Again welcome to our school and our city. Please, embrace this opportunity to make the most out of it and live it to the fullest.

Thank you, Bedankt, Danke, Merci, Grazie, Gracias!